Paediatric Dentistry

This is a branch of dentistry that treats children aged 0-12 years and mentally retarded patients.

It is very important for children to have a healthy diet, one of the most important parts of their physical and mental development. Treating caries and missing teeth in children will positively contribute to their growth and development.

Fissure Sealants

The grinding surfaces of the teeth are indented and prone to caries. To prevent the formation of caries, a thin layer of composite-based resin is applied to these surfaces.


These are applied to prevent future perplexity in early milk tooth losses.

Milk Tooth Root Canal Treatments

Different from adults, this is done in cases where the caries extends to the pulp (nerves) of the tooth (taking into account that the root of the tooth will be resorbed).


Performed in cases where the caries reaches the pulp (nerves) of the tooth, this is the removal and filling of the nerves in a certain part of the tooth instead of removing all of the nerves of the tooth and leaving the tooth lifeless.