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FUE Beard Transplant

A well-groomed, full beard can transform your appearance, exuding confidence and masculinity. If you're facing challenges with patchy or sparse growth, our beard hair transplant offers a permanent and natural solution, enhancing your charisma and self-assurance. Beyond aesthetics, a thick beard also provides protection against sun damage, pollution, and helps retain skin moisture.




Fuller, Thicker & Balanced

Advantages of FUE Beard Transplant

The delicate blades used in the FUE method create precise micro-channels that are very narrower, minimising the size of entry.

Maximising Success


Haircare treatment packages to take home are provided with tutorials & booklets on the best aftercare practices. Prescribed medicines for post-treatment are included.

  • First post-procedure hair wash provided by RHC clinic
  • Special aftercare shampoo & lotion included
  • All medicines & antibiotics included
  • Full guided instructions for post-procedure care
  • PRP treatment offered after 1 month from procedure

Hear from our clients

Not convinced? Discover what some of our clients have had to say about their FUE beard Transplant with RHC clinics.

John. D

Excellent Process & Service

I never thought a full beard was possible for me until I discovered RHC Clinic. The beard transplant procedure was a game-changer! Now, I proudly flaunt my thick and even beard, and it has completely transformed my look. Thanks to the skilled team at RHC, I feel more confident and masculine than ever before.

Michael S.

Healed really well and happy with results

I had always been self-conscious about my patchy beard, and it affected my confidence. After a friend recommended RHC Clinic, I decided to go for the beard transplant. The results were astonishing! My beard is now full and even, and I couldn't be happier with the outcome.

Joshua A.

Great Results!

Getting a beard transplant at RHC Clinic was the best decision I ever made. I used to struggle with thin facial hair, and it made me feel less attractive. But the procedure was painless and worth every penny. My beard is now thick and complements my face perfectly.

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