Combination PRP

Stronger Results.

Twice the power.

Combination PRP?

PRP therapy is a safe treatment that involves the simple extraction and then injection of the patient’s own platelets for the purpose of treating wrinkles, scars in the face, hands, neck and of course scalp for hair loss. Combination PRP is standard PRP mixed with another type of treatment such as Mesotherapy. The purpose of this is that you receive the benefits of both, making for example the recovery from a hair transplant much faster and can also encourage more hair growth.

Benefits of both

By mixing PRP with Mesotherapy can improve the recovery of hair transplant while also strengthening the hair growth.

  • 30 minute procedure
  • Expert Doctor on hand
  • Benefits of PRP & Mesotherapy
  • Minimal risk
  • Immediate recovery
Learn about Mesotherapy


Providing the information that you need to know regarding preparation for your PRP therapy and post injection management.