Tooth Crowding

Can be observed due to early loss of deciduous teeth, early extraction of untreatable teeth, incorrect functioning, bad habits, genetical reasons.

By treating teeth disorders and the maxillofacial area a good aesthetic result & function can be obtained.

Jaw Compatibility

When there are only dental problems and when the jaw relations are compatible, orthodontic treatment can be performed for all age groups.

Jaw Incompatibility

When there is no compatibility between the jaws because of positioning protrusion or retrusion of jaws various treatment options can be performed before the age of 12. Skeletal disorders can be treated by using orthognatic surgical operations for adults.

Recently, orthodontic treatment is possible for every age groups. However, in case of disorders related with jaws, examination and if needed treatment should be started immediately for children.

Orthodontic treatment of patients at every age group can be performed by our expert doctors with different treatment plans available.