Gingival diseases (Periodontal diseases)

Infectious diseases that affect the tissues surrounding and supporting the tooth. Even teeth with no caries can be lost due to such diseases. 

Periodontal diseases can affect one or more teeth and are the most common chronic disease in the population. Since it is often painless, symptoms are hardly noticeable by the patient, leading to late consultation in most cases.

When infection affects only the gums, the symptoms are red, swollen, bright, soft, & gums bleed easily. Bleeding is the most important symptom of gingival disease.

If left untreated, infection spreads to deeper tissues and symptoms include dark red, purplish gum color, gingival recession/enlargement, tooth spacing, elongation, rotation, wobbling, dysfunction, filling of food residues between the teeth and into the pockets, abscess formation, bad breath, and aesthetic defect.