Aesthetic Dentistry


Recently, the increase in the socio-economic levels of the patients has increased the treatment options in the field of dentistry through technology. Patients want a smile design of their own. The primary condition of custom design is flawless communication. The first step towards the perfect result is by the expectation of our patients, the foresight of the doctor, and a good blend of the results from dental techniques.

The doctor will adjusts the design according to the specified criteria and then the patient is told the expected result.

The appearance of the gums will more or less be far from desired because the irregularities in the soft tissues and the appearance of inflamed gums will disrupt the visual integrity, regardless of how beautiful and vivid teeth you make.

The patient is told that the necessary soft and hard tissue corrections need to be made for the preparation of smile design and they should start the treatment knowing this.

Smile designs prepared with the cooperation of doctors and patients have a more increased the chance of guaranteed success in face shape, facial movement, adaptation to age, tooth shape, width and length and mobile or immobile soft tissue relations.